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Cesario™ Drum Major Orders

If you require a new Drum Major/Field Commander uniform, FJM is the company to call! If possible, have auditions early so you can determine if a new size will be necessary. Ample lead-time is a must; drum major orders require 90 days for delivery before May 1st and 120 days after May 1stHowever, if you do need to measure for a Drum Major order, please refer to our “Cesario™ Measuring Charts and Instructions” available on our


For all drum major orders, we ask that you please use email as a way to contact, inquire about pricing and send your sizes. This is to ensure accuracy in ordering.

To order a custom FJM Drum Major uniform, your school must have a full set of uniforms from FJM. 

For drum major orders, please email your Cesario™ representative.