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Getting Custom

Does FJM offer custom design? Yes!

FJM, Inc. offers a limited amount of custom performance wear design opportunities for the Fall and Winter seasons, from our team of FJM designers: Michael J. Cesario, Byron Valentine, and Scott Chandler. FJM does not accept client-submitted designs.

The first step is to contact a customer service representative who will gladly walk you through the policies and availability for custom design, along with the ordering procedure, if applicable.

Please note: FJM, Inc. does not accept client-submitted custom designs.

Contact us today about the possibility of having a concept uniquely designed and meticulously crafted, exclusively for you!


Measurement Instructions

Thank you for your intrest in FJM's Strechwear Uniforms. Please download Auxiliary Instructions as well as the Auxillary Size Chart.

The Instruction page gives you a reference on how to measure correctly - the size chart is where to put the information.
It is best, if possible, to use the Excel file and just email that chart to your customer service represtative.

Auxiliary Instructions (pdf)

Auxiliary Size Chart (pdf)

Auxiliary Size Chart (xls)

If you need more of a visual aid, you are welcome to view a instructional video. Please click Measurement Video to watch.
The password to view is fjmvideo1.

Extra Instructions:

  • • Chest/Bust (measure around the fullest part of the chest/bust)
  • • Waist (measure around the belly button/natural waist line)
  • • Hips (measure around the fullest part of the hips/buttocks)
  • • Girth (measure from the CENTER NECK front, down through the crotch (pull tightly) to CENTER NECK back. Please DO NOT measure shoulder to shoulder!)
  • • Arm (top of shoulder to wrist)
  • • Inseam (measure from the upper/inner crotch down to the ankle bone)
  • • Weight (it is best to use a scale to get accurate weight)
  • • If your snare and tenor players are wearing their shirts or jackets over their carriers: please take their chest and waist measurements both WITH and WITHOUT the harness on, and list the "with harness" measurements in the line directly below their name on the sizing chart.

Please contact your customer service representative with any additional sizing questions.
Ordering Information

Stretchwear Ordering Information/FAQs:

Which steps must be completed before my stretchwear order is officially placed on the production schedule at FJM?

• You have spoken with an FJM representative regarding production time and availability of your requested catalog/web design, or you have completed the process of “custom design” with a designer and sales representative at FJM. This would include receipt, approval, and return of the sample (if and when applicable), as well as receipt and approval of a written price quote for custom designs.
• FJM must have received your student’s completed measurements on the established FJM sizing charts. Be sure to include all applicable phone numbers where we may reach you for any questions about your order (include your summer number). Please size your entire team at once and place one order. Additional orders placed after the primary order may be accepted in some situations; however there is a short period of time to edit your order amount. If your uniform order has been cut, FJM is unable to remove students from the order. You will receive, and be charged for, the amount of garments initially ordered. Additionally, if your order has been cut, FJM is unable to add members to your order. Additional garment requests can be processed as an “add-to-set” order and may require additional production time. Please contact your customer service representative with questions.
• FJM must have received a 50% deposit (via cashier’s check, school check, booster check, money order, or credit card), or a copy of an official school purchase order signed by an authorized school official. Do not send cash through the mail.
Can I add on to a uniform order that I placed in previous years?
• FJM does accept additional orders to supplement existing garments you may have previously purchased. There is a minimum order amount required, and additional fees may apply if ordering less than the minimum amount. Please contact your customer service representative with questions.
• Add-to-set orders require that you send a sample uniform for duplication purposes. Dye lots may also vary from order to order; FJM will provide you the closest match available.
Can I order a single item from your stretchwear or drumline collection?
• FJM does not accept individual stretchwear or drumline orders.
Does FJM do alteration work, or offer custom sizing? And what if one of my uniforms arrives with a flaw?
• No, all alterations, including hems, are the responsibility of the customer. FJM typically sizes stretchwear and drumline uniform orders in size ranges Adult Extra Small through Adult 6XL. We also have length ranges of short, standard and long to accommodate varying heights, inseams, etc. FJM does not guarantee a perfectly custom fit as all body types are different. Some minor alterations and custom tailoring may be required.
• Because of this, please take caution and care when taking your student’s measurements. Be sure to review the sizing chart and measuring instructions thoroughly, and contact your customer service representative with any questions.
• FJM does not offer child sizes.
• In the uncommon event of an obvious production error on a uniform: FJM will gladly repair or replace the item at no charge. This is on a case-by-case basis, and returned items must first be inspected by the FJM production team. Please open boxes and check orders immediately upon receipt. If there is an error, damaged goods, or a discrepancy with your order it must be reported within 5 business days of receipt. Please contact your customer service representative with questions, or for a Return Authorization Number.
Can I cancel my order?
• All FJM uniforms are custom made especially for your program. Therefore, once your order has been placed on the production schedule, cancellation is not allowed. Please contact your customer service representative with questions.
Can I return my order?
• All FJM uniforms are custom made and manufactured to your specifications and therefore, are NOT RETURNABLE OR EXCHANGEABLE. Check your order immediately upon receipt and notify customer service at 800-444-3524 within 5 business days if any defects or discrepancies are found.
What is the minimum order?
• A minimum order of 10 is required for all new catalog and website orders. Orders of 9 or less will have an additional charge of $25.00 per unit.
• A minimum order of 6 is required for add-to-set orders. Orders of 5 or less will have an additional charge of $25.00 per unit.
When can I expect to receive my order?
• At FJM, we advise our clients to order early! Delivery schedule begins upon approval of the design, receipt and return of the sample (if and when applicable), receipt of completed student’s measuring charts, and a 50% deposit or copy of an official school purchase order. Delivery schedules may vary depending on the time of year, volume of working orders, availability of supplies, fabrics, products involved, custom designs, etc. Because of these variables, FJM does not publish exact delivery estimates. Please contact your sales representative via phone or email for the most up-to-date production time frames.
How would I get a sample from the catalog or website?
• Samples from our catalog and website are available for review, pending availability, at no charge. Please contact a customer service representative for additional information.
• Samples ordered in custom colors or fabrics are also available. There is no charge to the client if an order is placed post-sample production, even if edits are required to the full order. If, after reviewing the completed sample in custom colors or fabrics, a client chooses not to place a uniform order with FJM: you will be charged a $150.00 custom sample production fee.
• FJM will provide no more than two custom samples.
Are my uniforms under warranty?
• FJM, Inc. will guarantee material and workmanship under normal wear and tear for a period of one year*. Uniforms must be cared for properly and have normal maintenance. To exercise your rights under this warranty, contact a customer service representative for a Return Authorization Number. You are responsible for return shipping.
*FJM, Inc. cannot guarantee sequin or metallic fabrics used in garments or accessories. Items constructed with sequin or other metallics require extra care due to the delicate nature of the fabric and therefore, are not under warranty.
*Be sure that percussion harnesses/carriers are padded with foam, or other cushion-like material. This will help prevent the metal carriers and bolts from damaging garments. FJM, Inc. cannot guarantee uniforms damaged from percussion carriers.

FJM, Inc. reserves the right to correct any typographical errors contained in this dialogue and to discontinue any styles or fabrics no longer available. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Care Instructions

Quick Reference Stain Guide

REMEMBER: washable uniforms, like all clothes, can get stained. It is important to remove the stain as soon as possible. This list is enclosed to help you with difficult and unusual types of stains.

Blot stains with water, solvents, and cleaning agents! Do not rub!
Pretreat stains before washing (apply stain treatment and scrub with a toothbrush or other soft brush-like tool before the item is placed in the washing machine.)
Use gentle, non-chlorine laundry detergents (should read “safe for colors.”)
A. “Lestoil” – will take out most stains.
B. “Simple Green” – for hard to remove grass stains or dirt rings on collars and sleeves. This product is typically found in the automotive department. We prefer the spray type.
C. “Carbona” – has a variety of removers called “Stain Devils”. Listed below are the different removers:
1. “Stain Devil” – Make Up and Grass Remover
2. “Stain Devil” – Blood and Milk Remover
3. “Stain Devil” – Coffee, Tea and Cola Remover
4. “Stain Devil” – Chewing Gum and Glue Remover
5. “Stain Devil” – Ink and Crayon Remover
D. “Whink” – For removing rust stains.
E. Aerosol hair spray or rubbing alcohol will remove ballpoint ink stain.
F. Waterless hand cleaner like those used in the garage or automotive environments can be used as a pre-treat for grease, oil, tar, or paint. This product dissolves the oil-base stain before it is set in. However, this must be used BEFORE ANY WATERBASE treatment.

Design Team

Byron Valentine

Byron represents the finest in fresh, contemporary stretchwear design.  As in-house designer and stretchwear representative for FJM, he has designed costumes for such notable performance units as Juxtaposition, Lexis, Paramount, The Cavaliers, Allegoria, Miamisburg, Bellbrook, Norwin, Rhythm X, Infinity, Blessed Sacrament, Artistry In Blue, Dobyns-Bennett, Arcadia, Colts, and many other exceptional groups throughout the US and beyond. Byron was the Director of perennial WGI World Class Finalist and fan favorite: Zydeco Colorguard from Dayton, Ohio.  He is also an accomplished equipment and movement judge for several marching band and colorguard circuits throughout the Mid-West.



Scott Chandler

Scott is a Master of Pageantry.  Honored with Hall of Fame status by both Winter Guard International and Drum Corps International, this veteran designer is author of the recently published “Forward March”, and current Program Coordinator for DCI’s World Champion Blue Devils. Scott is surrounded by wonderful working relationships, always learning from incredible performers, instructors, and competitors. From the Bridgemen and Spirit of Atlanta to James Logan HS, he has realized that “it all comes down to the performer”. Given the opportunity, from choreography to costuming, and they will elevate the idea to an unbelievable level of theatricality!



April Jonker

April is the newest face on the FJM Design Team with bright, exciting angle on today’s stretchwear. Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Michigan University, having studied Textile and Apparel Merchandising. No stranger to pageantry herself, she has been a member of several percussion programs, including Legends Drum and Bugle Corps and Carolina Crown. She was also a member of the noted Matrix Percussion, and now works with them as an instructor and battery technician. Since moving to Dayton, she works with several local Scholastic percussion programs, and is assistant to Byron Valentine.

  • No one can duplicate the innovative designs and the imaginative details that have redefined an industry! For creating dramatic identity and striking vision, there is no equal.
    worn by:
    Harlingen HS, TX

    For additional information and availability

    please contact your FJM representative today 800.444.3524 view color options measurement video

  • No one can duplicate the innovative designs and the imaginative details that have redefined an industry! For creating dramatic identity and striking vision, there is no equal.
    worn by:
    Harlingen HS, TX

    For additional information and availability

    please contact your FJM representative today 800.444.3524 view color options measurement video